February Ya’ll! We all know what that means…pink, love, and all of that wonderful gushy stuff!  So this month’s “O” Magazine features Oprah’s favorites, and of course she always provides a code to get a cool discount.  I do not always see something I like, or find worthy of spending my moolah on, but then….CLOVE +HALLOW happened. I absolutely love everything vegan, and cruelty free — especially when it comes to make up! I can not put just anything on this face…hello somebody!

Anywhoo…She featured their LIP VELVET, a trio of three beautiful matte shades for a price point of  —  ($45) + 20% Discount Code = ($36) Before (Shipping + Tax).  I would drop you the discount code…but you are not going to want it, and here’s why…the discount only applies to the trio! If you are picky about your shades like me, you want what you want. I did my research and found the best colors for me. Turns out, buying this trio means I waste my money on one or two colors that I can not use! I would say the biggest obstacle with vegan, natural products would be finding shades that are as inclusive as Fenty. The next logical thing would be to buy ONLY what you want, and then use the coupon code. WRONG…the code only applies to the trio…big womp!  Not to worry though ladies…when I really want something, I find a way! Here’s how you are going to get your Lip Velvet from C+H without having to drop the $45 price point.

Head over to Fig + Flower, an online beauty boutique that is currently carrying all of the C+H Lip Velvet colors! You will notice that the single purchase of the Lip Velvet, is priced the same ($18) on both websites, however here is how we win!

C+H Website || (1) Lip Velvet = $18 + Shipping ($4.99) +Tax (1.60) =  YOU SPEND $24.59

F + F Website || (1) Lip Velvet = $18 + Shipping ($2.66) +Tax (0.00) =  YOU SPEND $20.66

You may be thinking the savings is ONLY a little under $4.00..whats the point? I think its well worth it!! We started off with hope and a dream of beautiful organic Lip Velvet! Only to find disappointment in a bogus coupon code (no offense Oprah). And now….  getting exactly the color we want, and a mini discount…WINNING! Go buy your Lip Velvet..I have been enjoying mine (Napa/Pictured)!