Here’s the thing: God is good! And, “if you don’t know, now you know!!” Every time I go to a movie, it never fails — something happens to detract from my experience. When it happens, you hear all the other movie goers getting mad, making rude comments, etc. Am I mad…never! And heres why. God is Good! I am a frequent movie goer by Divine appointment! When the movie shuts down right in the middle, or the sound doesn’t work….whatever the case may be..I do not get mad because I know it is a blessing in disguise.

The first time this happened I went to see a movie, and it cut off right in the middle of an important part. The theatre fixed the problem, and gave all patrons two free tickets on the house. Thank you Jesus! During the use of one of those tickets, the sound cut out of the movie. It was fixed, but no free tickets were being offered. No biggie, like Olivia Pope, its handled. I spoke to the manager about wasting my free ticket on this poor experience, and voila …more free tickets. There are two important points I am trying to make: Blessing are everywhere, God makes sure of that — so next time you are somewhere and things do not quite go your way or meet your expectations — do not worry!!! In fact, God tells us not to worry!! It can be easy to forget that fact in the moment..but chill homie… its cool. Second important point — remember who you are, and act on it! You deserve the best, if things do go awry – speak to someone about it – sweetly. You do not have to appear angry, the sweeter the better in my experience. Last night, I went to go see THE MOVIE – BLACK PANTHER !! Had to put it in all caps..because …hopefully you get it! Anywhoo, the whole experience could have been better; the volume on the movie was low, and the lights stayed on for the first portion of the movie. Guess what..I was the ONLY patron that asked to speak to the manager about my grievances, resulting in another free ticket! One thing I want to be sure of though, is not taking these blessings for granted or abusing it. At one point in conversation, the manager asked me how many were in my party. At the time I did not make the connection, that was the amount of tickets he was going to give me. I did go with a very large party – and could have had free movies for days on end if I decided to keep them or be dishonest. One thing  I am sure of, God honors those who honor Him — theres NO WAY I am messing up these blessings! There is a lesson in this somewhere about being present to get in on the blessing. I am going to pray about this too, because I am wondering what other blessings are happening around me that God wants us to share in with one another? Who are those people around me that have the Lord’s favor…those are ones I want to be around. Not necessarily to get something…but  to share  and rejoice in Gods Goodness.