Y’all..this quick night time ritual is BOMB. I do it when I am way too tired to do my full night time makeup removal routine. Its also great, if you are traveling on a mini vacay, or flying — so much less to pack. And as long as its not a forever ritual, its cool with me.

Ursa Major Face Wipes 

I do not know why people do not know about this company, but everything they have is amazing. If you are looking for new brand that is organic, natural..and does what it says… this is your guy.

Modicum Serum #3

Modicum is formulated for cell turnover…imagine that beautiful quality on you face! I have tried the whole line of Modicum, and still retain it as a part of my beauty ritual. The customer service is amazing as well. My very first order was lost in the mail, not only did they upgrade my order, they added two freebies! Use this to add moisture back into your skin.

True Moringa Lip Whip

Finish off the trio with a gloss. I love using True Moringa ‘s Lip Whip  — intense hydration, natural ingredients, and a hint of color – the best! That is it lovey…my 1-2-3 easy night routine to get you dreaming faster!