I will admit I spent the most of my monthly budget on natural, organic, and cruelty free products that l use on my skin. When it comes to all the other categories; specifically fashion, I am a discount diva. Today I found two pairs of summer heels from designer Christian Siriano. What prompted this purchase?

The other day I went to the movies, ran into a friend, and took epic pic! I love that photo, not only because we are so cute (wink) but I realized how cute my shoes were! I have never been a sneaker head or into shoe fashion. Kitten heels and wedges are my go-to’s. The heels I wore to the movie were just under an inch, and I looked so cute in them!  Why didn’t I realize this before!

Thus inspiring my mission to pick up a few summer heels. I went to Payless, because as mentioned before, shoes will never be something I pay an exorbitant amount for. If I didn’t find anything at Payless my next stop was Marshall’s! As pictured on Instagram, I found the perfect blush pink heel. It was so perfect I decided to get the matching pair in black! Another plus about shopping at Payless is the price! They aways have a sale! My purchase was BUY ONE, GET ONE 1/2 OFF. I am a happy woman! The sales girl was so helpful, we ended up talking about our favorite colors for the summer season, purses, and such! I had such a pleasant shopping experience!

If you find yourself looking for budget friendly cute heels…just because (who needs a reason, right!?!) I recommend Payless!