Happy Monday Lovelies!

I recently watched a buzzfeed video about plastic waste and how it affects our planet specifically, animals. I never thought about how I contributed to this before. We use and dispose of so much plastic without thinking about it. The specific example given in the video was the use of plastic straws. There was a video circling social media a while back, about a poor turtle who had a straw lodged in its nose. Thankfully they were able to help him.

With earth day around the corner, I decided to become more proactive – I purchased glass straws! It is something I use almost everyday without thinking about it. When I go to a movie theatre (plastic straw/plastic top), out to a restaurant (plastic straw/possibly plastic cutlery) — I use the straw one time, and after disposal have no clue what happens to it.

While I am only one person, I hope this will encourage you to make environmentally friendly changes, and help others to see the light too.  As for my glass straws, I love them. I have one packed away in my purse, and it is a great conversation piece! Not to mention there are so many cute colors! I found mine on Amazon.com.