Fri -Yay! Wow…weeks fly by so fast, right? Well let’s get to it! A majority of you really want to know about — my hair! My fluffy mane, is a topic I will highlight often here. I receive so many questions about my hair, what a perfect place to share some of those things. There are many natural hair beauty bloggers, and experts – what makes what I have to say different? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, haha! However, if you have honest questions, I will give honest answers.

The question in my inbox today:

What do you use on your hair to make it grow?


Water is the biggest and best ingredient to foster hair growth. I drink tons of water daily, and of course it is used to retain moisture in my hair. I also never try to detangle my hair unless it is drenched or submerged in water.  The past few weeks  I have attempted the “WATER ONLY WASHING METHOD” – using ONLY water to clean your hair and distribute the natural sebum down the hair shaft. This is done on a daily basis. It started off cool, I love the feeling of my curls elongated under the flow of the water, and it reminds me just how far I have come – singing, “look how far Gods brought us (me)…look how far we’ve come!” The old hymnal lyrics ring the truth when it comes to my hair! Growing up, my hair was thin, unruly, and my kitchen would not grow!


  — “In the kitchen, wrist twistin’ like its stir fry (whip it)” —



The BIGGEST factor in my hair not growing… creamy crack (hair perms)! Every month either my mother, or a beautician would whip up a batch of relaxer to straighten my already thin hair. I encourage you to give up that creamy crack addiction, it will be worth it! Through my natural hair journey, I have learned so much about healthy hair, and hope to continue sharing the knowledge.

Co – washing is my absolute favorite thing to do! I feel that the water only method is a step above co-washing, however after three weeks, I have reverted back to my normal co – washing routine. I only use shampoo if I find my myself at the beach or pool — and want to remove any chemicals that I may have come in contact with. I am curious to know if you have tried the water only method before, and how you like your results. Drop a comment below or feel free to message me with more questions. In other news, its the weekend ya’ll! Enjoy it, and I will meet you back here again on Monday! xx