Using hashtags on Instagram is a great way to get your content seen by your target audience! As Instagram continues to evolve — so do the rules!

My first IG tip: no more than thirty (30) hashtags at a time. Okay, so currently IG will not let you post more than thirty, however you want to refrain from continually posting the maximum amount as you might get flagged as a “bot.”

So, now you may be thinking, what is a bot?  — For those that are unfamiliar, a “bot” or automated system, is a tool used to post comments on target customer profiles to gain more followers. The positive side of using a bot, is you can reach more people without having to manually interact. The negatives however, far outweigh the positives. Some bots are more customizable than others, for example narrowing your demographic to interests, or age group. I do not recommend using the service, as your ultimate goal should be to gain organic followers.

Trust me — choose organic growth over inorganic numbers! Say you have one customer, who is beyond pleased with your product of service. This one organic customer becomes another funnel or advocate for your services. The value invested in that one customer and their excitement about your business, far outweighs what your follower count will look like on your IG profile!

Back to those pesky bots…..awkward situation anyone?

Bots are notorious for writing inappropriate comments on the wrong type of photo. Have you ever received a comment such as “Nice Photo” OR “ I Like This” — comments that are super generic and could literally fit any photo response? That my friend is bot! Your account has been officially targeted through a demographic! I don’t know about you, but I love interacting with my tribe on social media and making new connections! One thing a bot cannot do is authentically respond! Avoid those blanket statements altogether, I challenge you to be authentic!

You want your interactions to make sense! I personally have had bots post to my business profile and say things that were gender specific like “hey dude…nice abs!” Clearly this individuals business had a focus on fitness, however a bot cannot differentiate like a real person can! I always encourage my clients to invest in organic, real results. It makes a huge difference, investing in your business matters!

So now, you are ready to cultivate organic growth but not quite sure where to start? Download my Ultimate Hashtag Instagram Guide to get started making sure your content is seen by your target audience! Be sure to switch them up, especially if you will be using the full count of thirty. You do not want your account to be flagged as a bot, as that will get your account deleted!

All of your hard work, gone in a flash — heartbreaking, right?

Ultimately, hashtags are an awesome way to increase your visibility, and connect with your target audience! Do not forget to download my Ultimate Hashtag Instagram Guide to up-level your Instagram account — it will be updated continuously so feel free to re-download, again and again! And remember, always be authentic!

With Grace + Gumption,