When we look at other peoples lives, specifically through social media —  it is hard not to compare what we see to our own life. In fact that is the main appeal, you get a glimpse of how other people live, shop, and express themselves!  I have “Deja Vu” moments where I will remember something specific, such as a lesson in life…and then other times, I completely forget all about it! 

I had one of these moments today, when I found myself hanging up my phone — ending a job interview! Why is that so odd? I literally wasted 20 minutes of my life — on a conversation that both myself, and clearly the interviewer knew I was not excited about! Not only had I wasted time, I realized way too late that the only reason I applied for this position was due to influence! A week or so before the interview, a friend of mine had posted a series of overly fun snaps (snapchat) and the next thing I knew — I was online searching jobs that fit my skills in that area because it just looked so fun! I prefer to be near the beach..this place was in a city. I prefer the freedom that comes with by own business…this job would put me back in an office working 9-5. It wasn’t until after the 15 minute phone interview, that both the hiring manager and myself realized…I did not want this job!

The bottom line, I LOVE working for myself! It shows through the clients that I work with, and the freedom that comes along with being my own boss. So how did I find myself  on the other end of an interview for a job? Influence. 

I will revisit this post anytime I get the notion, that I want to be or do something outside of my personal/professional ambitions due to influence. We cant deny that Influence is a powerful force to be reckoned with!  Remember not to be easily swayed, and if you get as far as I did – regroup, and refocus! 

I encourage you to be steady, and not worry so much about what the world is doing — just do you! If you have decided to step out of the norm and live differently, I would love to help you along the way! I personally have gone through the same process you are about to journey on, and can help you get your dream as a solopreuneur going! Remember, just begin!

I would love to talk to you more about your passions, and how we can get your business up and running, with beautiful branding, websites, and more! The best part, you get to focus on what makes you happy while I take care of the hard stuff! Until next time!